.GW Domains

The National Regulatory Authority – Information and Communication Technologies of Guinea-Bissau has been, since July 10, 2014, the entity responsible for the Guinea-Bissau Top Level Domain: .GW
This international delegation by the IANA – Internet Assigned Numbers Authority returns responsibility to the national entities for the registration and management of .GW, the domain of Guinea-Bissau.
It is our commitment to promote the registration and dynamism of the Internet in Guinea-Bissau, and our new website is being developed, which will soon be available and will allow online registration of .GW domains.
These are the first registered .GW domains:
www.nic.gw; www.dns.gw and www.arn.gw

Information on the international delegation made by the IANA – Internet Assigned Numbers Authority.

Written in 16 October, 2014