Who are we

Since 10th July 2014, Autoridade Reguladora Nacional – Tecnologias de Informação e Comunicação da Guiné-Bissau (National Regulatory Authority – Information and Communication Technology of Guinea-Bissau) has been the entity responsible for the Country Top Level Domain of Guinea-Bissau: .GW, following the assignment made by IANA – Internet Assigned Numbers Authority;

Law No. 5/2010 – TIC (Basic Information and Communication Technology Law) of 27th May 2010, published in the 3rd Supplement of the Official Gazette No. 21, extinguished the ICGB (Institute of Communications of Guinea-Bissau), created in 1999, and established the ARN (National Regulatory Authority for Information and Communication Technology).

The ARN followed on from the ICGB in its legal personality, maintaining all the legal or contractual rights and obligations, which are part of its respective legal scope. The ARN has a legal personality, with administrative and financial autonomy, its own assets, and it acts under the supervision of the member of the Government responsible for the information and communication technology sector.

The ARN’s financial and asset management is governed by the provisions of the above-mentioned law and alternatively, by the legal regime applicable to public companies. The purpose of this regulator is to support the Government in coordinating, supervising and planning the information and communication technology sector, as well as regulating, supervising, inspecting and representing the sector from a technical point of view.